About Us

Southern Hospitality Consultants is a professional networking group designed to generate a prime referral source for its members. Members of the group are comprised of distributors and service providers who generate referrals specific to our organization’s target industry: restaurants and businesses in the hospitality industry.  Members will assist one another in being the eyes and ears for new opportunities as well as opening doors for existing establishments and clientele.

Our Mission: To offer restaurant and hospitality industry owners an easy solution to solidify relationships with every vendor necessary to run their establishment.

Our organization is unique in that:

  • We have a target focus for referrals and no membership dues
  • We meet every other Thursday at a different local restaurant
  • There’s no organization like ours in the Big Bend Area.

Required Commitments from Members:

  1. Attend scheduled meetings. Each member is allotted one absence and one sub each quarter. Violation of the attendance policy will immediately result in forfeiting membership
  2. Set one to ones with members outside meetings to better understand their industry
  3. Share referral opportunities with other members

To Become a New Member:

  1. Attend two consecutive meetings
  2. Industry seat must relate to our organization’s target industry
  3. Approval by SHC Committee


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